Video: Watch Harlem Globetrotter smash world record for farthest ever basketball shot made backwards

Globetrotters player Corey 'Thunder' Law last year broke the world record for farthest shot made facing forwards, when he sunk a basket from over 100 feet

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An American Basketball player has broken the world record for the farthest ever basketball shot made backwards.

Harlem Globetrotters’ player Corey 'Thunder' Law broke the world record on Wednesday, at a special event celebrating the tenth annual Guinness World Records Day at the US Airways Center in Phoenix.

A video of the record-breaking shot, shows Law standing with his back to the basket over 82 feet away, before hurling the ball behind his shoulder and into the basket without it hitting the backboard.

Video: Watch Law's record-breaking shot

The new record smashed the the previous one set three years ago, which stood at 72 feet 2 inches.

Commenting on his success, Law said: "It was incredible to have the opportunity to break a record last year, and this year, it was just as extraordinary." 

Law is no stranger to breaking world records. Last year, he made the longest basketball shot ever (this time facing forwards) at the ninth annual Guinness World Record Day, when he managed to sink a basket from 109 feet 9 inches away.