Jason Pierre-Paul and CJ Wilson lose fingers in separate 4 July fireworks accidents

Pierre-Paul has seen a $60m offer withdrawn by the New York Giants

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Two NFL players have had to have fingers removed after separate fireworks accidents.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, 26, had his right index finger amputated and also suffered fractures to his right thumb. He is expected to remain in hospital for three more days having undergone numerous surgeries on injuries toth hands.

The two-time Pro Bowl defender has seen a $60million (£38.98m) - one he was not likely to sign anyway - withdrawn by the Giants. He is not currently under contract, though the team could still put the franchise tag on him, keeping him for next season at $14.8m (£9.62m).

Reports in the US state that members of the Giants staff tried to visit him in hospital but he refused to see them.

Pierre-Paul is expected to play next season, with the decision to remove the finger in part to speed up the healing process. Keeping the damaged finger would have complicated the process and put next season in doubt.

The news comes after it was reported that defensive back CJ Wilson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost two fingers in a separate incident on 4 July - Independence Day.

The 25-year-old was holding a cannister that exploded inside the tube rather than coming out, his father told a US news site.

"I'm not sure where they purchased it from, exactly what nature it was, but had one explode while he was holding it in his hand," Curtis Wilson told WBTV.

"[He was] pretty much holding the cannister - not trying to hold the fireworks - but the cannister that it was supposed to pop out of.

"Well it didn't pop. It exploded inside."

Wilson is in heading into the final year of a small, non-guaranteed contract with the Bucs; he played in two games for the team last season.