NFL London: Ryan Fitzpatrick 'excited' to play at Wembley as New York Jets try to get back on track against rival Miami Dolphins

Preview: New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins 

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The starting quarterback for the New York Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is hoping his team’s upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins in London will help rally the franchise after their disappointing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. Speaking on a conference call with UK journalists on Monday, the Harvard graduate, who is now playing for his sixth NFL team, believes the London trip this weekend represents the perfect opportunity for his team to get back to winning ways.

“It’s a trip that comes at the right time and we can definitely see some benefit out of it,” Fitzpatrick said. “Especially after our first loss of the year, we’re still trying to figure out what kind of team we are so we’ve got to be able to respond. I think this will be a nice opportunity for us to spend more time together, not just in practice and in meetings but also off the field, spend some more time together and come together as a unit.”

When asked about playing at the home of English football, Fitzpatrick was candid about the prospect. “I’m very excited [to play at Wembley],” he said. “I’ve never been over there so it will be a new experience for me. I’ve heard a lot about the history and I think everyone is pretty excited.”

Despite the opportunity to play at Wembley, Fitzpatrick did discuss the disruption such an arduous trip can cause. “It’s definitely not the same as any away game,” he said. “It will be a challenge but a challenge for both teams to adjust to the time difference. It’ll be an adjustment for us, I haven’t done it before but we’ll lean on some other guys and coaches who have had some experience there and hopefully it won’t become that big of an issue”.

For the first time in the International Series, two divisional teams will be facing each other. The Jets and the Dolphins rivalry goes back decades, something Fitzpatrick is well aware of and is pleased to be playing out in London.

“There’s definitely some extra intensity going into a game like this,” he said. “The [division] games mean that much more because of playoff implications and being able to beat someone in your division gives you a win but also gives them a loss. It certainly means a lot more.”

The New York Jets face the Miami Dolphins at Wembley this Sunday, in what will be London’s twelfth NFL game since 2007.