NFL player Marshawn Lynch answers every question in post-game interview with 'Yeah'

'How big was this win?' 'Yeah.'

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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made a mockery of the post-game interview last night, dodging every single question put to him by reporters shoving microphones in his face.

Sport interviews are invariably terrible, full of inane questions like "what does this win me to you?", so while others have declared his actions immature, I actually think it's a kind of wonderful deconstruction of the process.

Lynch previously got fined by the NFL for refusing to speak to the media, so to avoid losing another $50,000 he decided to participate but just say "yeah" to everything.

"How does that defence compare to others that you've seen this year?"


"You were on the sidelines a lot, was the back alright?"


"How important was it to keep the ball on the ground and run out the clock especially in the fourth quarter when you know this team is so good in the fourth quarter?"


He then goes on a complete tangent to discuss a charity dinner he will be attending to benefit inner city youth in Oakland, before resuming his affirmative replies.

"Every win is big but can you talk about this one in Arizona today?"


For some reason, the reporters plough on:

"How about the next game against the 49ers?"


There were 12 "yeahs" in total, before he switched to "maybe," Lynch managing to answer 22 questions in just 50 words.