Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins engage in mass brawl after Chris Baker's late hit on Nick Foles

Redskins lineman Chris Baker was ejected for hit on Eagles quarterback

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Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker sparked a mass brawl after landing a late hit on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

Despite being padded up in helmets and body armour, players from both teams engaged in the scuffle with Eagles tackle Jason Peters landing a heavy hit to Baker's head.

The 23 stone Baker left the field waving to the home fans who jeered him after he was sent from the game by match officials.

In a shootout at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles eventually won 37-34; Foles threw for 325 yards and three touchdowns but it was the kicking of Cody Parkey and a Chris Polk kick-off return that was the difference between the two sides.


Speaking after game, Baker said the hit wasn't malicious.

"I was doing what I was taught and that's to go get a block," Baker told ESPN. "I did not look to see if it was the quarterback.

"All I saw was someone going towards the ball and I got my head in front and lowered my shoulder, which is a legal football move, doing what I was taught to do and I get punched in my face on the sideline and next thing you know I'm ejected for a block."

Peters said that it was a cheap shot on the quarterback.


"He was cheap shotted. I mean, he cheap shotted him and he's not even trying to make a play," Peters said. "So I just reacted and I shouldn't have did what I did, but I was just trying to protect my quarterback."