Rose Bowl: Florida State defeat to Oregon made even more embarrassing after players block each other

Oregon Ducks advance to the College Football Championsip final after stunning 59-20 win

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Florida State were embarrassed in the inaugural College Football Playoff semi-final when a flurry of mistakes saw Oregon trounce them at the Rose Bowl, with one particular incident highlighting their inept performance.

In less than 13 minutes of game time the score went from 25-20 to 59-20 to see the Oregon Ducks reach their first National Championship final. They will play Ohio State who beat Alabama at the Sugar Bowl in the other semi-final.

The Ducks scored six straight times that they touches the ball during the second half, with five of the touchdowns covering at least 21 yards and four coming after Florida State turnovers.

One particular moment was particularly embarrassing for the home side when two Florida State Seminoles tried to block each other. Nick O'Leary went in for a challenge with Roderick Johnson only to be flattened by his team-mate.


With the Ducks cruising to victory, fans spent much of the final quarter mockingly doing the Seminoles' warchant and tomahawk chop.

The College Football Playoff Final takes place in Texas January 12.