San Antonio referee attacked by two American football players during match

Two high school American football players have been suspended after footage emerged showing them ramming into the referee in the final minute of the match

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A pair of high school American football players have been suspended after they were caught on camera assaulting the referee. The incident took place in the final minute of the match, with their team, John Jay High School 15-9 down against Marble Falls High School.

In what appears to be a premeditated attack, one player is seen charging into the referee before another player spears, into him, head first, while on the ground.

The Northside Independent School District in Texas and the University Interscholastic League are investigating into the incident. The identities of the referee and the two suspended players have not been released.

It has been reported that the match was already a feisty affair with two other John Jay players dismissed in separate plays.

In the video above, former American football official, Mike Pereira describes the incident as “the most despicable act I have ever seen on a football field”.

“Criminal charges need to come without question… the whole team should be suspended… there is nothing which should be left uncovered when disciplining this act – officials must be protected.”