Seattle Seahawks' Jon Ryan announced that he went to the 'University of Vagina' during the Super Bowl

Sounded like a frat boy bragging

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No major event can pass with some kind of wonderfully juvenial slip of the tongue lately, be it the The Academy president's "Dick Poop" or John Travolta's Oscars "Adele Dazeem".

Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan is the latest to be the subject of a thousand crying-with-laughter-face emoji –tagged Vines, after  failing to enunciate his place of education properly.

It's the University of Regina, Jon. Even after finding out what he was aiming for, you have to admit it still very much sounds like "vagina".

This slip has the added bonus of making it sound like Jon's bragging.

"College? Pssssh I graduated from the University of Vagina, man. Magna cum Laude, am I right Zimmermann?!"

The Seahawks went on to lose the NFL final with the New England Patriots 28 to 24, in a match that was upstaged by a man dressed as a shark.