Stephen Tulloch injury: Detroit Lions linebacker suffers torn ACL after celebrating his sack of Aaron Rodgers with a pelvic thrust

Tulloch leaped into the air in jubilation but unfortunately suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament on his landing and will miss the rest of the season

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For a linebacker, it doesn’t get much better than a monstrous sack on the opposition quarter-back. Perhaps a returned interception for a touchdown tops it, but you certainly won’t judge a defensive player for celebrating a stop on the opposition. That is unless your name is Stephen Tulloch.

The Detroit Lions player burst through the Green Bay Packers offensive line to get his hands on Aaron Rodgers and haul the Super Bowl winner down to the ground.

Returning to his feet, Tulloch is clearly delighted with the play, and leaps into the air in celebration, giving those watching a comical hip thrust in the process.

However, that’s where the fun ends, and upon landing back on the ground, Tulloch immediately collapses in a heap having appeared to tweak his knee. The former Tennessee Titans linebacker was in clear agony, and it was later revealed that he had suffered a season-ending torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

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The injury triggered memories of Bill Gramatica, the former Arizona Cardinals kicker who suffered the same injury following his match-winning field goal against the New York Giants.