Video: Chicago Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston suffers season-ending injury celebrating in Cristiano Ronaldo-esque fashion

Houston jumped in the air and thrust his body forward to mimic the Real Madrid superstar only to suffer a torn anterior cruciate ligament

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The NFL is a common place for pain and injury, despite many thinking the excessive padding and protection keeps them safe from getting hurt. It comes as quite an embarrassment then when a player suffers a season-ending injury by copying Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration.

That’s exactly what happened to Chicago Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston on Sunday. Now you could forgive Houston for celebrating vigorously had the game been finely poised, but on this occasion Chicago were losing. Losing heavily.

The Bears were being dealt a lesson in how to play American football as the New England Patriots blew them away to lead by 25 points when Houston managed to stop another attack. Choosing to celebrate in the same fashion that Ronaldo did during Saturday’s El Clasico, Houston instantly fell to the floor in obvious pain.

Sadly the injury means his season is over as he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament, and the Bears went on to lose the game 51-23 to add insult to injury.

Watch the video below…


Strangely enough, Houston isn’t the first person to suffer such an injury this season. Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch did exactly the same after he celebrating sacking Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers by performing a pelvic thrust.

Astonishingly, Joseph Fauria – also of the Lions – can top them both, as he suffered a sprained ankle when he wasn’t even on the pitch. Fauria picked up the injury when he was chasing his Pomeranian/Husky around his flat because it was going to “pee” inside. His dog, named Lil’ Rufio, was unharmed in the accident.