Worst infographic of all time? NFL's Atlanta Falcons can't count and don't know what the UK looks like

Two journeys but three planes? Surely overkill even by NFL standards

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The NFL has been pushing American Football in the UK hard the past few years, but its international campaign appears to have skipped the vital step of teaching its teams where the country is.

A map infographic posted on Twitter (and later corrected slightly on its official website) makes three pretty glaring errors:

1. "The team and staff will take three planes" but there are only two journeys.

2. They are playing in the UK not eastern Spain.

3. The UK looks like this, not a Rorschach inkblot of a Pokemon.

It's as if the NFL's international series is a cynical attempt to make money and doesn't actually have anything to do with passion for the UK.

I almost feel bad for the Falcons, the rest of the infographic shows a lot of work by a lot of people has gone into this tour, only for someone to f*ck up the announcement on Photoshop.

Here's hoping they don't get pelted with shillings and pork pies when they play the Detroit Lions at Wembley on Sunday.

(H/T Matt Jones)