Steve Kerr roasts Sean Spicer over alternative facts

Shaquille O'Neal might have something to say

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr offered his thoughts on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s first press conference when he lied about attendance numbers at the inauguration over the weekend.

Before his team took the court against the Orlando Magic Sunday afternoon, he was introduced as the “former Orlando Magic star.” And after his Warriors defeated the Magic 111-98, he spoke with the press and was asked about his short stint in Orlando where he played half the 1992-93 season, averaging less than three points per game.

He took the moment to rip Spicer’s constant disregard for the truth, including Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s interpretation of his “alternative facts.”

“Sean Spicer will be talking about my Magic career any second now,” Kerr said to the San Jose Mercury news. “14,000 points. Best player in Orlando Magic history.”

Watch Kerr's comments in full below.