'Venables may return'

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ALAN SUGAR, the Spurs chairman, denied yesterday that his legal wrangle with Terry Venables was the main reason for the England coach's resignation. "There's a little bit more in it than meets the eye, no doubt," Sugar said.

"I've seen interviews in which Terry was said to be disappointed with the lack of support from certain sections of the FA and I think that had a lot to do with the decision that he made.

"But the fact that there is litigation going on between me, Terry and various other parties is no different than when he took the job two years ago, so I can't suddenly see why anyone within the FA should take a stance.

"My gut feeling is that he will continue as England manager. I think too many people have reacted too quickly. I know Terry has said that he is not going to do it, but in a couple of months things may be different."