Video: Watch the greatest table tennis shot ever

Now that is how you play ping pong

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For most, the game of table tennis is hard enough to master facing forwards, trying to hit the ball while facing backwards is nigh on impossible.

However, one ping pong enthusiast managed to do just that when he executed a backhand while pirouetting during a table tennis tournament in Florida.

Not only was the "perfect paddler" able to connect with the ball, he managed to steer the ball past his flabbergasted opponent for the winner. The match was between Kit Jeerapet, in the blue, and Sntanit Tangyingyong, in the multi-coloured shirt, and took place at the Lakeland Table Tennis tournament in Lakeland City just outside of Tampa Bay.

After watching the “impossible shot” fly past him, Tangyingyong stands motionless for a second before jokingly removing his shoe and pretending to throw it at his opponent.

Jeerapet did not stop there either, after dismantling Tangyingyong, he went on to win the whole tournament, losing only one match in the process.