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Q. I would like to know at how many grounds in the Nationwide Football League play can be seen by people standing outside the ground? For example, Sixfields (Northampton Town) and Seamer Road (Scarborough) are two I know of. Are there any more?

A. I cannot think of any further present League grounds, but I seem to remember The Shay of Halifax Town, a former Football League club, was one ground where much of the play could be seen from outside, way above the away supporters' end. On many of my trips there with Darlington, I often wished I had watched from the outside.

Stephen Lowson, Ely

Q. Besides Dennis Bergkamp, are there or have there been any other famous sporting aerophobics?

A. Regarding "aerophobic" footballers, Jimmy Johnstone, of Celtic, was a renowned sufferer. On one occasion, before the first (home) leg of a European tie, Jock Stein, the manager, promised him that an outstanding performance would absolve him from flying out for the return leg. Jimmy scored three goals and Stein kept his word.

T Conway, Kilmun, Argyll


Q. Have more Scottish footballers, who have been based outside their country, scored for Scotland than home-based players in, say, the last 20 years?

Stuart Moore, Powys

Q. Why are racehorses seemingly exempt from quarantine laws?

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

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