Vogts votes against time-out plan

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Berti Vogts, the German national team coach, warned Fifa yesterday to think again over its plans to introduce basketball-style time-outs into football.

Fifa, the sport's world governing body, will experiment with the breaks in the women's World Cup in Sweden in June.

"When you hear things about a total of eight minutes a game in a sport that requires tempo, I would be against that,'' Vogts said.

"It should be introduced so that the coaches can try to improve the game, not for advertising. I would be happy with one minute [per team] for 90 minutes."

Under the experiment in Sweden coaches can call two-minute time-outs in both halvesto giveinstructions and tactical advice.Time-out tests are under way in a regional league in Brazil. Sweden's men's professional league,which started last Sunday, introduced one per team per match.