Vox Pop: If radical changes were to be made to your sport, what would be your New Year's revolution?

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Bristol rugby coach

I would like to see a controlling body that can tell us, year to year, what is happening. All the clubs need to know what shape the competition will take and who is going to be in it, as well as whether there is promotion and relegation and how it applies. Let's have a controlling body in the game in this country which actually exhibits some level of control and shows foresight. We need to see an end to the bickering and know, at least 18 months in advance, what the authorities have in store for the game.


National Hunt trainer

I hope we see an increase in prize money for National Hunt racing. The current divide is 60-40 in favour of Flat racing, and we would like to see that go back to 50-50 in the New Year. If more prize money was given to the smaller meetings, it would help trainers like myself - who don't have the infrastructure and budget to compete with the big studs - to work with better horses. The owners leaving racing is at present nearly a haemorrhage. If we could reduce that to a trickle, it would be a positive step.


Snooker board member

Things have been going wrong with the way the game is run for a few years now and, now that I am on the board [WPBSA], I want to help snooker get back on track. There must be a better way of resolving differences than the all-out civil war we've been having. The players have always got along fine as players, but the politics of the game have dragged the atmosphere down. We must work hard to get some harmony back; to get people working in the same general direction, even if they don't agree about everything.


Carlisle United chairman

Football is a multi-million pound industry which can no longer rely on amateurs to officiate. On the pitch, we need professional referees and video-assisted fourth officials. At the same time, off the pitch, we need a total review and restructure of the FA. If the distribution of money is not reconsidered, the Football League - and the bottom two divisions in particular - cannot survive. The football industry is in crisis outside the top 20 clubs in the land, so something must be done. Let us hope the FA seize the day.


Leeds United chairman

I want the FA to appoint a chairman with the vision and ability to take the game into the 21st century, rather than back to the 19th. Unlike the current FA councillors, David Sheepshanks has already demonstrated, with the Football League, that he has the skill to get his way through the politics of an organisation that doesn't want to change. I would like to see him modernise football by streamlining the FA, and revolutionise it by appointing separate chief executives to manage the amateur and professional games.


Tennis coach

I would like to see a lot more youngsters taking up the game with the passion and enjoyment to improve. It isn't going to be easy. You cannot just buy success. You need dedicated girls, inspired by a female role-model, to accept the challenge. Tennis has got harder, with players having to practise for two hours every day, go to the gym, eat the right things - a way of life which probably doesn't attract the youth of today. That is why we need success now to inspire a new generation.