Vox Pop: Which players should George Graham sign for his new club, Tottenham?

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Ex-Tottenham manager

Above my desk is an old photo of me presenting George with a Carling manager's award and a bottle of champagne and I wouldn't try to tell him anything. The people I would like to see at Spurs are Dave Mackay, Cliff Jones and Alan Gilzean - they just don't come any better. But George has a lot to play with at the moment, particularly with Sol Campbell, a first-class defender. My only advice other than that is to get it sorted in double-quick time so that we can crack open some more champagne.


Tottenham 'Double' winner

What Spurs have missed for so long is an inspirational captain. If I had my choice of any player for George to sign, it would be Tony Adams. Sol Campbell is a great player, but he's not a natural leader like a Blanchflower, a Mackay or a Mullery. One of them would sort out the problems and so could Adams. I would also like to see a world class full-back, in the mould of Stuart Pearce, who in my opinion was one of the all-time greats. If George has any more problems I've still got my boots ready.


One half of Chas and Dave

If I had the choice of any player it would be Michael Owen. But my feeling is that we shouldn't buy anybody right now. There's enough talent in that squad. George should take his time, get on the training pitch and go from there. The ingredients are already there: Sol Campbell is a fantastic player; Ginola's great to watch; I even like Ruel Fox. But what I want is to see 11 players working for each other and playing like a team. No stars, no players being bought and sold, just a genuine team like

the Spurs "push-and-run" heyday.


Radio and TV presenter

George should keep on with the Tim Sherwood transfer. He would be a good player for Spurs. I'd like him to keep Ginola, but I suspect George will think his hair is too long and not nearly polite enough. What we do need is a defender to play alongside Sol Campbell, because Ramon Vega shouldn't plan Christmas in London. But George is the smartest man in football and people who think we're about to become another Arsenal have got it wrong - he will bring discipline with good football.


England cricket selector

I'm sure George will be able to get more from the Spurs players than his predecessors. There's some talented players there and they will have to decide if they want to play for Spurs and if they want to fit into George's regime. Specifically we need a good centre-back to play with Sol Campbell who has been magnificent; a ball-winning midfielder like Tim Sherwood, and a striker, perhaps Tore Andre Flo. But George will make them a competitive side and it's up to the players now.


Journalist and TV presenter

I would like him to get Chris Sutton, the best available striker, and I'd like to have David Batty, because he brings something to the party. Any defenders who aren't Messrs Carr, Vega, Tramezzani would be welcome, so that Sol Campbell can stop being the nervous wreck that he has become for Spurs. Ruel Fox has to go and Nicola Berti made Paul Gascoigne look like Michael Owen when Spurs were destroyed by Middlesbrough. We basically have six or seven players who are just not good enough to play in the Premiership.