Weekly Facebook fashion index: sportswer brands still most popular

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Sportswear, and especially sporty footwear, is still on top of the game, with Converse, Adidas, and Nike Football, occupying the top three. The only high-fashion exceptions in the current top ten are Burberry, Gucci, and Chanel.

The brand whose popularity increased the most from last week to this one is French sportswear label Lacoste. Its Facebook fan base jumped 11.15 percent, thanks to the constant wall posts and photo uploads by the company. 

Here are the most popular brands on Facebook this week, according to Stylophane's Facebook Fashion Index:

1) Converse (11,979,802 fans)

2) Adidas (6,529,488 fans)

3) Nike Football (4,262,428 fans)

4) Lacoste (4,067,328 fans)

5) Puma (3,509,171 fans)

6) Burberry (3,443,439 fans)

7) Gucci (3,373,199 fans)

8) DC Shoes (3,128,450 fans)

9) Chanel (2,681,456 fans)

10) Levi's (2,136,103 fans)

Source: http://stylophane.com/fbi.

San Francisco-based online-marketing firm Stylophane tracks and ranks a brand's Facebook fan base. Divided into four categories- Platinum: more than 100,000 fans, Gold: 10,000 - 100,000, Silver: 1,000 - 10,000, Bronze: 10 - 1,000-Stylophane's rankings are updated daily.

Data collected on Dec. 17