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`If I don't believe we can stay up after our last three games I never will in my life. We've just played Manchester United, Newcastle and Blackburn and there has not been a thumbnail between us and them' - Alan Ball, after another battling Manchester City show.

`Next week I'll be able to field virtually a full strength team. There will be no more excuses after next Saturday' - Bryan Robson, after Middlesbrough's free-fall continued.

`It is a strange feeling to be relaxed with 10 games to go. This is how I want it every season' - Harry Redknapp adjusts to West Ham's new stability.

`I'm not jumping on the Julian Dicks bandwagon. He is too big' - Coventry's Noel Whelan, declining to apportion blame for a bloodied nose.

`The goalkeeper nearly got to it - on it's way out!' - Bruce Rioch, on Dennis Bergkamp's Loftus Road net-buster.

`In the first half only three or four looked as if they wanted to play. The rest were content just to join in' - Howard Wilkinson, awarding Leeds marks for effort (lack of).

`He could probably see two Steve Bulls. Thankfully he picked the right one' - Mark McGhee, after Neil Emblen laid on Wolves' winning goal at Millwall despite double vision.

`Mr Taylor has a two-word message for the press, and the second word is `off!'' - Graham Taylor, proving at Reading that his language hasn't improved on or off screen.