Welsh wonder years; Q&A

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Q. The cricketers Mike Atherton and John Crawley went to the same school (Manchester Grammar) and to the same university (Cambridge). They both play for the same county (Lancashire) and have represented England together in the same Test team several times. Does anybody know of similar instances?

A. Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen, produced the following rugby players who subsequently played for Llanelli, Wales and the British Lions - the first three at the same time: Gerald Davies, Roy Bergiers, Ray Gravell and Ieuan Evans. They comprise a fairly decent threequarter line despite the quandary of who occupies the right wing and who plays out of position on the left. Gwyn Jones, Dyfed


Is the city of Manchester unique in having two stadiums which host international sport bearing the same name - Old Trafford? Can any other city in the world match this? K Maguire, Batley

Being a confirmed land-crab myself, I can well sympathise with Dennis Bergkamp's fear of flying. Are there many sportspeople whose careers have been hindered through chronic fear of winged machines or other transport modes? P McCracken, London SW11

I have noticed while watching jump racing that there are more obstacles in steeplechases than in hurdle races. What are the rules that govern this? P Lunch, Stoke

Who was the last England rugby union captain to be dropped, while in charge, from the team?

R Richards, Bristol

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