What the papers said about . . . Andy Cole ole

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"Forget Camilla, the only separation that counted yesterday was Andy Cole and Newcastle United, a love affair seemingly made in heaven." Telegraph "Who will fill the Cole hole?" Sun "Cole should be extremely grateful. He is a fine player but not one who should yet believe too much in his own publicity." Mail "Cole can be a remote figure and a difficult workman. In keeping his counsel amid the uproar on Tyneside, Keegan may be saying more than we know." Express "Racism, a blight that affected us more than most clubs, was already on its way out. But Coley sped it on its way." Independent "To view the deal in market forces is dangerous . . . Cole is flesh and blood, vulnerable. He needs, as never before, a personal relationship with his new manager." Times "Net King Cole." Mirror "Dalglish is recovering from an appendix operation so it is safe to say that the Blackburn manager was in stitches when he learned that Ferguson had decided to bring Cole to Old Trafford." Guardian "To him, football is a craft, not an art. He engaged the Geordies' heart, but perhaps not their soul." Today "Have faith in Keegan the Messiah." Northern Echo "Businessmen 1, Fans 0." London Evening Standard "Andy Cole the poor old soul Gone nine games without a goal Does he care nowhe's a millionaire With half of Tyneside on the dole."

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