What the papers said about . . . Arsenal

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"Arsenal found in Paris last night that when two gamblers are at the table, one is bound to come away in wretched disappointment." Times

"Sea-sick." Today

"Maybe, in the nightmares that have engulfed the club in the season when they lost manager George Graham to a transfer scandal and may lose Stewart Houston to a boardroom decision, it was only proper that it should end this way." Mail

"All at sea." Star

"Then came the goal Seaman will try to forget - but always remember. The T-shirts will probably be on sale at White Hart Lane on Sunday." Independent

"Sea of tears . . . We wuz lobbed." Mirror

"In one beautiful movement, he changed the way he will be remembered in Britain for ever more. He will no longer be Nayim the play-actor, Nayim the diver, Nayim the fake, the nuisance. He will be Nayim who scored probably the greatest goal seen in any European final." Sun

"What a bomber." Express

"The fog of cynicism through which Arsenal's multiple successes have been viewed is finally clearing. They fought back frantically after going a goal down and were tireless in pursuit of victory. They deserved better than to lose in a lucky dip." Telegraph

"This was one of those goals that television will play and replay. Pele had tried something similar in the 1970 World Cup, as had Chris Waddle when England met West Germany in the 1990 semi-finals. Both shots missed, however. Nayim's goal was more reminiscent of a wind-assisted lob from a similar range and angle with which Jason Cundy scored for Tottenham at Ipswich. Perhaps that gave him the idea." Guardian

"The name Nayim means 'fortunate' in his native Morocco, but there was nothing lucky about his goal." London Evening Standard

"Lob-smacked." Sun