What the papers said about . . . Blackburn

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"Somewhere along the line, the rags-to-riches fairytale of Blackburn soaring from the depths of the League to wrest the Premiership crown from Manchester United has lost its enchantment. Suddenly, Rovers are the beastie boys hoping to pirate away the most important piece of silverware in the game." Sun

"I'm Rover the moon." Mirror

"Quantity, not quality, remains the watchword for Blackburn Rovers. Never mind the artistic impression, look at the points on the board." Independent

"Rovers are not a dirty team but nerves are starting to show and at the moment, with some of their players, a general rattiness is never far below the surface." Guardian

"Maybe Eric Cantona, the sardine sage, should perform part of his 120 hours' punishment watching Blackburn Rovers. Manchester United's fisherman philosopher, famed for a flair which shaped the destiny of the last three championships, would find Rovers' lack of fantasy galling to behold. Cantona would not be alone." Telegraph

"In Blackburn they are outraged at suggestions that their success is not necessarily a good thing for the game. Yet those who appreciate style and panache find the way Rovers are grinding out this title contest a little bit like switching from the art gallery to the building site." Express

"The first half was a cameo of the football that has brought Blackburn to the brink of their first title since 1914. It was absorbing without being exciting, intense in the British yeoman fashion, robust, honest and unremittingly athletic." Times

"Sealed with a Chris! Title bets off as Rovers roar eight points clear." Sun

"If Blackburn Rovers ever follow the example of Manchester United and are floated on the Stock Exchange, there is a danger that the water will turn grubby." Guardian

"Realism 1, Romance 0." Telegraph

"Rover and out, Fergie." Today