What the papers said about . . . Blackburn

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"In defeat, they were victorious. In failure, they were successful. Blackburn Rovers . . . Champions." Star

"Blackburn have not bought the title, they have simply played the modern game better than anyone else. Their previous titles were based on the wealth of King Cotton; but this one has come courtesy of Uncle Jack." Independent

"In the end it was not a muscle-pumping breast of the winning tape. More a tension-filled stagger on weakening knees." Express

"This had been an incredible journey, one born of courage and endeavour, of steely resolve, a few heartbreaks, many anxious moments and a creeping self-doubt which all but undermined them as they rounded the final bend." Mail

"The problem with winning one league championship is that supporters expect another." Guardian

"Oh yes, they have bought the title. Quite brilliantly." Sun

"Given Rovers' performances this season, this was not really a fitting finale - if the expectation was that Liverpool would roll over, in the end there was certainly no Kop out." Today

"Rover the Moon" Mirror

"There was hardly a soul in the ground who wanted United to establish a third consecutive crown. This was partly the animosity between Liverpool and Manchester, but more it was the deep affection that still unites Liverpudlians to 'King Kenny'." Times

"How refreshing after a year of negatives that England's premier trophy should go to a friendly, family- oriented club unblemished by scandal or spoiled by their Lottery winners' wealth. Blackburn's emotional rollercoaster ride of recent weeks was encapsulated by last-minute see-sawing." Telegraph

"The club was turned around by Jack Walker, who has spent some pounds 28m ($45.4m) on players over the past four years." Financial Times