What the papers said about . . . Bruce Rioch

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"The call that Bolton dreaded." Bolton Evening News

"Now Bruce yourselves. No- nonsense Rioch the new Gunners boss." Star

"The Rioch regime: 'Short hair, don't be late, wear a tie, be polite and get married'." Mirror

"That's it lads. No more arsing around. Rioch warns: Behave or you're out." Sun

"As a reformed sinner - he combined elegance and ruthlessness as a midfielder with Aston Villa, Derby and Everton - Rioch rails against the 'fear factor' and the 'hectic football' it produces." Independent

"Mr Clean sweeps in." Mail

"Rioch's drill for Gunners." Express

"Bruce Rioch looked every inch an Arsenal manager. There was not a hair out of place; the new club tie seemed to have found a natural home as he spoke with ease and elegance. Rioch even called them 'The Arsenal', which is how Don Howe refers to the club he loves." Telegraph

"His arrival will send a collective shiver of trepidation through the club's more wayward stars and in a season of sleaze - Rioch's opening address cheered the long-suffering chairman Peter Hill-Wood, who has been subjected to a recent barrage of bad publicity." Guardian

"The party is over for Arsenal. No more bungs, drugs or late-night boozing. If they thought George Graham was strict, they ain't seen nothing yet. Rioch is everything Arsenal need off the pitch . . . The great, famous club has gone tatty around the edges and Rioch will straighten them out." Sun

"Bruce Rioch will march into Highbury with one hand already tied behind his back . . . The new boss can look at players and recommend - but not be allowed to talk terms or contracts. Trust is not something Arsenal feel they want to invest heavily in for the time being." Mirror

"The tough guy with a tough job." London Evening Standard