What the papers said about . . . David Seaman

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"David Seaman's goalkeeping heroics have made him a target for Barcelona. Johan Cruyff, manager of the Spanish giants, was impressed by Seaman on his two visits to Highbury this season. And Seaman's magnificent performance during the penalty shoot-out victory over Sampdoria has increased Cruyff's interest." Express

"Arsenal are back in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup because, in the home of Christopher Columbus, Sampdoria were ultimately thwarted by an able Seaman." Guardian

"David Seaman was chaired from his goal in triumph last night, after emerging as the biggest hero in an Arsenal team full of them."


"They used to call him Social because of his quiet, shy nature, and make him the butt of their jokes. But no one was laughing at Arsenal keeper David Seaman on Thursday night. The nicknames used by his team-mates had a more dramatic ring. `Well played Spartacus', a voice from down the corridor shouted." Sun

"David Seaman, the most phlegmatic of Yorkshiremen, may not quite have had his ears ringing, but he was the subject of a 7am telephone conversation between Gianni Agnelli, the chairman of Fiat and benefactor of Juventus, and Luca de Montezemolo, the president of Ferrari. `It was the goalkeeper Inglesi', Montezemolo said admiringly, `phenomenal!' " Times

"David Seaman, who has played for the past month with padded protection to damaged ribs, threw himself around like a young foal in the heat of an astonishing night." Mail

"Even Arsenal would have to listen if Cruyff pushed a bid past £4 million. That would be more than three times the £1.3m Arsenal paid QPR for Seaman." Mirror