What the papers said about . . . Dennis Bergkamp

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"For Arsenal, it was history in more ways than one. Not only did the pounds 7.5m paid by Bruce Rioch for Dennis Bergkamp treble the club's record outlay, but the Dutch international striker's arrival from Internazionale yesterday must be the first instance of a Tottenham fan receiving a rapturous welcome in Highbury's marble halls." Independent

"No Merson about . . . Bergkamp picks up the Arsenal No 10 shirt." Sun

"Arsenal have invested heavily in a player who won't sell himself to the supporters, who shuns publicity. Bergkamp will dovetail nicely with Arsenal's new manager. For Bruce Rioch is also a man of few words . . . Let's hope Bergkamp talks about his football more than he did in Italy. Being cool and withdrawn alienated him from the fans and from the media in Milan. Arsenal don't want that. Not after they have paid pounds 7.5m." Mirror

"Arsenal found the money to satisfy Inter and Bergkamp, even if they did, in Hill-Wood's words, stretch themselves. Chelsea can afford Ruud Gullit's wages. Who is next? Roberto Baggio? It is not as ridiculous as it sounded a short while ago." Telegraph

"Arsenal shouldn't find him a problem - he prefers a quiet night at home with his wife to socialising." Today

"His pet hate is people prying into his private life. Last year he discovered Italian journalists interviewing his gardener." Express

"Den: I won't Berger off." Star

"What has been significant in fuelling this surge in transfer market values is the Sky contract. Signed in May 1992 and worth pounds 304m, it was a deal which propelled the Premier League clubs into altogether richer pastures. The contract expires in two years and our top clubs must hope the game retains its position of pre-eminence in TV terms. As Inter Milan discovered to their cost, the big money gamble sometimes misfires. They paid Ajax pounds 12.5m for Bergkamp. They sold him to Arsenal at a pounds 5m loss." London Evening Standard

"Nice Berg . . . It's gooner be a gate season." Sun