What the papers said about . . . Dominic Cork

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"Three balls that shocked the world." Today

"The Duke of Cork." Sun

"Dom-ination." Express

"Cork's arm-pumping celebrations were so frenzied it is a wonder he is not out of the next Test with two dislocated shoulders." Independent

"What a Corker." Mail

"Cork pops Lara's bubble." Times

"Provided his knees stand the strain and he remains patient on days when he does not get the rub of the green, he should be an automatic selection for England for a long time." Telegraph

"His fourth legitimate ball would have missed skipper Richie Richardson's off-stump by several inches but it flicked the pad, clipped the under- edge of the bat and cannoned into the stumps. That was typical of the luck that sometimes seems to descend on the chosen few. It happened to Ian Botham from the day he stepped into the England side. Cork may not have the legend's enormous talent but he is driven by the same kind of dynamism." Mail

"Cork, without a smidgeon of doubt, has what it takes. Anyone who can get away with treading on his stumps before scoring, replacing the bail after sprinting four runs and then going on to score an unbeaten half- century, has the force with him." Guardian

"Dominic Cork has always wanted to play one game in Stoke City's colours - 'one, that's all'. If he did, he would probably score the winning goal in the last minute of the Cup final, celebrate by sprinting 100 metres in nine seconds flat, and pole-vault into the royal box to kiss Her Majesty. Even then he would not trade it for what he has achieved this summer." Times

"You can feel there is new atmosphere in the dressing room, where sharp, fresh young minds like Dominic Cork epitomise the confidence." Express

"Dom Buster." Sun

"Hat's the way, Corkie." Star