What the papers said about . . . English cricket

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"Defeat, with a grain or two of honour, is nothing to be ashamed of, but this continual ritual humiliation at the hands of England's deadliest enemy is too much to bear. The days when Australia used to sledge have long gone, as sledging is a mark of respect. Now all they do is snigger." Independent

"They are, it seems, doomed to spend the remaining six weeks of the tour taking bigger beatings, being watched by smaller crowds and listening to louder demands for sackings." Mail

"They are degrading the nation." Express

"Something must be done. I do not mean sacking the captain, or the chairman of selectors, or even the manager, but waking up to the necessity for fundamental change in the structure of cricket in the UK." Telegraph

"The present England team can be assessed as in the worst condition of any this century." Times "There is no residue of belief that this opposition can be beaten, simply a cowering resignation. England are no longer just losing to Australia, they are habitually being annihilated." Times

"Instead of arrows on their clothes, each player should have 'England Cricketer' smeared on his back. No two words could generate more public condemnation." Sun

"Atherton's resolution is not in question but events have left him almost zombie-like. He speaks in a muted shorthand, sending signals of outrage in stilted body language. He has to roar here, he has to say that English cricket has nothing to lose but its chains and the contempt of the Australians." Express

"No pride, no guts, no contest." Mail

"The late John Osborne could have scripted this Ashes series for Jimmy Porter. Not so much Look Back in Anger as look back in utter dismay." Guardian