What the papers said . . . about English rugby

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'Hakas to you.' News of the World

'There were about 60,000 people, the bulk of them white and middle- class, all bawling the negro slave song for all they were worth. England won the haka. It was the best of all possible starts.' The Times

'England woke up to a bright new dawn at their refurbished HQ with an historic victory over New Zealand that was a masterpeice of sustained application. Will Carling's improvised side dug deep into the parts that British amateurs rarely reach.' The Guardian

'The RFU has constructed . . . a chilly, unfriendly, confusing concrete Temple of Mammon, dedicated to the gods of corporate hospitality . . . English rugby has a lot to be proud of this week but that, unfortunately, does not include its ground.' The Independent

'The passions were raw, the rituals timeless. Twickenham genuflected before the past, celebrated the present and relished the future.' The Daily Telegraph

'I cannot recall 10 minutes of such stomach-churning tension as during the fury of that agonising countdown with New Zealand still within striking distance. It was classic, unforgettable sport.' Daily Mail

It was Carling's brainpower that sowed the correct seeds in the young and fertile minds of a scratch team . . . Using the psychology degree he obtained from Durham University, Carling sat his players down, pulled the curtains and switched on the video machine.' Today

'Who said the spirit of England is dead, that English sportsmen have become second-rate? If you know him, root him out of his administrator's office, his sponsor's tent, his plush committee room. Tell him what happened at Twickenham on November 27, 1993.' Daily Express

'So there it is. One of the great days. And do you know what? Kyran Bracken was 22 last Monday. On November 22, the day Kennedy was shot. One day they'll ask: 'Where were you the day England beat the All Blacks?' I was there.' The Sun