What the papers said about . . . Eric Cantona

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'He's off again.' Star

'The Frenchman's departure, two minutes from the end of a game played at times with gladiatorial overtones, showed once more the unacceptable side of the champions elect.' Telegraph

'If the treble disappears, United will look back and blame Cantona. This season he has been so good, so bad and now, sadly for the champions, so ugly.' Sun

'If this nasty stuff carries on Manchester United will be crowned English champions in May, but this time the crown will have to be crafted of thorns as well as jewels.' Mail

'It would appear that, just in time for Easter, Manchester United's headless chickens are coming home to roost. Not that Old Trafford's feisty French cockerel will be there to greet them.' Guardian

'What had Ferguson made of it all? 'We've not been doing anything any different. Maybe the referees are reading the papers.' Much more whitewash and Moan United will be playing in yet another alternative strip.' Independent

'Treble and strife.' Mirror

'In the image of Cantona, tormentor turned tormented, United appear to have found a streak of self-destruction. I hope it is illusory, for there is still time and abundant talent for United to exorcise the demons within and to turn around the scepticism about them back to the applause that flowed as a good French wine.' Times

'Reckless Eric . . . He marched from the field as if he was a member of the Foreign Legion on a charge of neglect of duty, straight-backed but with a face like thunder . . . . These are testing times for the country's premier side, capable of playing football of the angels with the intent of the devil.' Express

'The Gaul with gall.' Guardian

'He's a nutter.' Sun

'L'Angleterre contre Cantona.' L'Equipe