What the papers said about . . . Eric Cantona

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"Whatever decisions United and the FA reach, one must wonder whether this incident will spell the end of the love between Cantona and English football." Independent 737 235.0 50

"Too far, Cantona." Sun 737 235.0 50

"Eric Cantona, the man who has been the heartbeat of Manchester United for the last two seasons, yesterday did the club he loves his greatest disservice... The borderline between genius and insanity has always been fragile, and for Cantona it shattered in a flurry of flying fists and feet at Selhurst Park." Express 737 235.0 50

"Ferguson must avoid leniency, even if it does provoke the Parisian to pack his bags and continue his nomadic, eventful odyssey around Europe." Telegraph 737 235.0 50

"Cantona has put his own head under the guillotine." Mirror 737 235.0 50

"Eric Cantona can never be allowed to play in English football again. Anything less than the ultimate sanction for his disgraceful attack will be a betrayal of the beautiful game." Mail "Yet again Old Trafford's season has been thrown into turmoil by thenitro-glycerine in human form that is Eric Cantona." Guardian 737 235.0 50

"Although offering no mitigation on behalf of a brilliant player who suffers bouts of brooding malevolence and resentful retaliation, Cantona appeared to be verbally provoked." Times 737 235.0 50

"We are no longer interested in his escapades, his pseudo-philosophical bragging, his crudeness and the state of his soul. He lives his life, and we live ours. And we don't miss him." Le Provencal 737 235.0 50

"In the circumstances, calling for better stewarding to prevent a recurrence of something like this is akin to calling for better street-lighting after the Ripper murders." Guardian 737 235.0 50

"Whatever the punishment, Cantona is neither a god nor a devil, merely an errant, if sublimely talented, man." Times 737 235.0 50

"Sir Matt would have sacked him." Mirror