What the papers said about . . . Gary Lineker

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'They say strikers die young. So it proved yesterday when the Queen Mother of British football announced he was hanging up his boots . . . He will see out the remaining 10 games of the season. Some referee has his chance to make his mark: for Mr Nice Guy has never been even cautioned in his long career.' Guardian

'He announced his imminent departure from the game yesterday with a farewell pop at former England boss Graham Taylor and then revealed how he would still love to be playing for his country under current coach Terry Venables.' Sun

'A canny brain, and faster feet, allowed the two-time Footballer of the Year to change direction, even back- track, while his opponents chugged on. It was like a speedboat escaping a dreadnought in a crowded harbour.' Telegraph

'Young forwards have started to abound in the 1990s and, every weekend, Terry Venables is confronted with pleas to look here, then there. But time was when he had eyes for the man he signed for Barcelona and then restored to English football at White Hart Lane.' Mail

'Lineker's fame failed to change him. He was as comfortable with his old mates from Leicester as with Prime Ministers and royalty.' Express

'Lineker now heads for the media world, where his laid-back approach will earn new admirers. Not bad for a grammar school kid who dreamed of little but football and received a damning final report. 'Must devote less time to sport if he wants to be a success,' it read. If only teacher had known.' Times

'While Japan has been the least chronicled and, because of injury, least successful part of his career, even his choice of club seemed typically sensible and appropriate. Grampus Eight, it transpires, are named after a mythical beast that is a cross between a dolphin and a killer whale. The wholesome predator: Lineker to a T' Independent

'Goodbye Mr Win-eker]' Mirror