What the papers said about . . . George Graham

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"Bung to rights." Star

"Bung out to dry." Sun

"He has already paid a heavy price for his stupidity. He has learned a lesson and he has taken the rap for many other managers just as guilty in a world where brown envelopes and the secret rendezvous have almost been common practice." Express

"It has been suggested Graham was the unlucky one. That what he was found guilty of was something regularly practised in football. That doesn't make it right, for the game has a reputation for turning a blind eye." Mirror

"Arsenal had a policy that appeared to work while George Graham was winning five major trophies. It was a valiant attempt at holding back the rising tide of lunacy. Despite the excitement raised in recent weeks, will they come to rue the alternative?" Independent

"How strong is the FA bungbusters team that has spent almost two years trying to finger a suspect and so far only come up with a man who held his hands up?" Today

"The downfall of Stroller George." Mail

"Fans used to see Graham bathed in a heavenly glow. Now it is only magnesium explosions that light his path. Sad Graham does not so much stroll now as limp. He is wounded - plugged by a bullet from the game and leaking a sticky mess of corruption." Sun

"Outwardly he maintains that familiar brave smile, that air of calm detachment. But it is a pose that masks deep anguish. For Graham cares acutely what people think of him." Star

"Though Graham has lost his reputation - and towards the end of his Arsenal reign was showing signs of losing his managerial touch, too - there will be no shortage of clubs eager to forgive and forget next summer if it means signing one of the most successful managers of all time." Guardian

"Bung, bung, you're dead." Sun