What the papers said about . . . Ian Botham

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'Bonding? I prefer beer to Gooch's chest bumps.' Mail

'If ever a career deserved celebration, it was this one. But in his desire to 'set the record straight', Botham does the precise opposite. He comes across as a grudging, resentful, small-minded person. He does himself and his career the most colossal disservice. No, this is not Ian Botham, nor was it meant to be. Seek the truth instead in the hard figures of Wisden, in the fuzzy videos of times past.' Times

'He has found it extremely easy to forget. I listened to him on radio, discussing his new book and whingeing on and on about unfair treatment by the Press . . . I didn't hear him mention the fortunes he received for ghosted articles from 'the tabloids' of whom he now complains.' Sun

'Maybe you wouldn't expect a team of cricket writers and Botham fans, crowded into the National Sporting Club at London's Cafe Royal, to ask the great man irrelevancies about sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll. If you had an audience with God, would you ask Him why He invented mosquitoes?' Independent

'Why I sabotaged Boycott the bore.' Mail

'The book no doubt will turn a pretty profit. And, in the long run, probably at little cost to the image of Botham. You see we can separate the deeds from the man. Perhaps, more remarkably, so it appears can Mrs Botham.' Express

'Beefy book blast for England's old guard: Clown Prance.' Star

'Botham: Let me be England supremo.' Sun

'Botham: The day I wiped the smiles off the Aussies' faces.' Mail