What the papers said about . . . Keith Fletcher

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"It was the appointment of Illingworth . . . which first gave rise to speculation that Fletcher might not make it to the end of his five-year contract. Illingworth's character is such that he is not inclined to delegate, or share a headline, and it was not so much a case of the two jobs becoming blurred, as Illingworth's high profile causing people to wonder just what it was that Fletcher was supposed to be doing." Independent

"Michael Atherton, on a golfing trip in Florida, was informed of Illingworth's elevation yesterday. He thanked Smith for letting him know. Then probably three-putted the next half-dozen greens." Guardian

"Fletcher will look back and wonder whether he ever had a real chance of success. England gave him the title of manager but, one suspects, little of the clout needed to make it work." Mail

"However the TCCB may dress up this ruthless dismissal of a man they appointed with a fanfare, the effect of their decision is to blame the general failure of English cricket on one man." Telegraph

"The game's chiefs at Lord's, normally tied and gagged into inaction by red tape, should be applauded for telling Keith the Kangaroo to hop it. Dear old Fletch. Lovely man, as honest as the day is long but hopelessly miscast as the manager of an international side." Sun

"Fletcher stabbed in back." Mirror

"Illy in charge as Fletch has to retire hurt." Star

"Keith Fletcher discovered he had been sacked as cricket manager standing at a payphone on a snowy mountainside. While an angry queue built up for the phone, Fletcher was stunned to hear he had been booted out of the job he cherished." Express

"Fletcher was never so comfortable on the broad canvas of international cricket as he had been, for so long and with such success, at his beloved county. It is possible he may return to Essex now, in some capacity, but he will bear the scars of three fraught winters, countless unpleasant inquests and an uncomfortable farewell call from a frozen phone box." Times