What the papers said about .. Liam Brady

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'Brady Brighton breezy.' Daily Mirror

'Everything went well on Liam

Brady's first full day in charge at Brighton until someone mentioned the last big-time manager to arrive at the Goldstone Ground promising miracles . . . Brian Clough.' Daily Mail

'Not since Jimmy 'White Shoes' Melia choreographed Brighton's appearance in the 1983 FA Cup final has such a spasm of expectation run through this seaside town. The club has been regarded by many like the rotting West Pier: nice to reminisce about, but stranded in rough seas and probably not worth saving. Brady is an artist amid the rubble, and Brighton fans are waking up to hope again.' Daily Telegraph

'Brady is not planning to play, despite the temptation. He said: 'I don't want to lose the pension I've been collecting.' ' Daily Express

'Ex-Brighton boss Alan Mullery, who had two spells in charge of the Goldstone Ground, clearly believes failed Celtic manager Brady lacks the fire needed to revive the ailing Second Division club.' Today

'As one of the great midfielders of his era, Liam Brady was employed in some luxurious locations, from Highbury's marbled halls to Italy, which makes the journey he has made to resurrect his fledgling career in management all the more unexpected.' The Independent

'Brady vows to get it bright.' The Sun

'Audrey Rabjohn is the county's unlikeliest football guru. The 65-year-old widow picked outsider Liam Brady as Brighton and Hove Albion's new manager . . . The supermarket office manager said: 'I didn't have any inside information. It was just a total guess'.' Evening Argus, Brighton