What the papers said about . . . Linford Christie

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'I'm simply Lin-vincible: Christie proves a raining champ as he sinks Yanks.' Sun

'Lightning Linford.' Mirror

'Christie bounded wildly towards the crowd, firing imaginary hand- guns and pointing unambiguously towards his own chest.' Independent

'On a night when the rainmaker proved more powerful than the pacemaker, Linford Christie demonstrated that, at 34, he remains the world's No 1 sprinter. The weather ruined the four world record attempts set up at the Weltklasse Grand Prix, but Christie's evening was one of undiluted joy.' Times

'There can be no doubt on either side of the Atlantic. Britain's best is the world's best. The Americans are second best.' Mail

'The 100 metres was won in the rain- soaked, disappointing time of 10.05sec by Christie, the British, Olympic and world champion, who at 34 - and without breaking 10sec this year - has resumed superiority over his American challengers.'

International Herald Tribune

'If Victoria puts on its sun bonnet and, better, if Christie can dip under the world record with 9.85sec so close to the land of Lewis, Burrell and all the Santa Monica hype out of Houston, he could raise the Commonwealth's stock.' Guardian

'Christie's rap for track boss: Everything I tell Radford ends in print.' Express

'As Christie was winding down in his hotel room after the excitement of Zurich, two of his opponents - Dennis Mitchell and Olapade Adeniken - apparently ended the evening in a bloody brawl downstairs in the lobby.' Mirror

'Lewis's reported comment that he did not regard Christie as the world's No 1 sprinter . . . gave real offence to a man who needs to feel he is being given respect. That concern is what keeps him going in the sport at the age of 34.' Independent