What the papers said about . . . Martina Hingis

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'It was way past Martina Hingis's bedtime when she skipped to the net in Zurich, having got her fledgling professional career off to a dramatically impressive start . . . She thus became the first senior victim of the most celebrated wunderkind since Jennifer Capriati.' Mail

'Child's play for a mini Martina.' Express

'Four days past her 14th birthday, Martina Hingis bade an impatient farewell to her childhood by starting a new life as a professional tennis player. From this day forth, life as she knew it in the family flat above the fire station in the tiny Swiss village of Trubbach can never be quite the same again.' Telegraph

'A Heidi she is not, though she comes from the same canton of St Gallen as the fictional and supposedly achetypal Swiss miss. In fact Hingis is Swiss by adoption only, having been born in what is now the Czech Republic.' Guardian

'It was considered too churlish to mention that Hingis is only eight months older than Navratilova's dog, KD, a guest at the tournament.' Independent

'She was preceded by Martina Navratilova, the top seed. As the greatest woman to have graced the game departed, the finest youngster (Hingis holds the Wimbledon and French Open junior titles) took her place, and indicated that she could develop into her successor on a grander scale.' Times

'Mary Pierce last night showed Martina Hingis the bitchy side of tennis. As Hingis was about to serve, Pierce unwound the grip on her racket in an apparent bid to upset her opponent's rhythm and snapped at fellow professionals in the players' box to be quiet.' Express

'Little girl lost in the big league.' Mail

'Hin and out.' Sun