What the papers said about . . . Nigel Mansell

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"End of the road." Mail

"Mansell at his best, alas, has not been evident this season. He has been back among the also-rans. That is not where he belongs and not where his fans will care to remember him. McLaren may have performed an act of mercy." Independent

"pounds 50m flop . . . Down the Pan-sell. He should have quit at top." Sun

"Nobody wants Nige." Star

"Mansell on a charge was unique. He was a one-man adrenalin bath. No move was too audacious, no calculation too fine." Express

"For McLaren and Ron Dennis, their managing director, the alliance with Mansell was an unmitigated disaster, the latest mistake in the slow demise of a team once all-powerful." Times

"The man with the mighty moustache and the organisation with the mighty engines parted company like a loveless couple, victims of an unhappy arranged marriage that simply did not work and has barely been consummated." Telegraph

"The point about Nigel Mansell - and this was why you loved him or, just as probably, loathed him - was that he didn't fit. He was big and burly in a world of jockey-sized heroes, and the difference went deeper than the ultimately vexed question of double-D seat fittings. Where Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were rapiers, Mansell was a broadsword. And, in the end, just as cumbersome." Guardian

"Mansell broke the mould. He was one of a kind - a man of the people. They adored him because he seemed such an ordinary bloke and they could identify with him . . . Like my dad he had to graft to get where he did." Damon Hill, Mail

"He can now spend more time with his wife Rosanne and his three children. And, no doubt, he will take the odd glance in the wing mirror to try to reflect where it all started to go wrong." Sun