What the papers said about . . . Olazabal

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'From Mr Irascible to Master Olazabal.' Guardian

'There was a strong conviction that Olazabal would prevail and he had even taken the precaution of wearing dark trousers and white shirt for the final round, saying: 'They look better with a green jacket and I've seen so many horrendous pictures in the past.' ' Mail

'No more fine messes for Master Ollie' Independent

'Times move on and this may well prove to be a new dawn for Olazabal, for some time marked as 'the best young player in the world'.' Telegraph

'As Ballesteros, for so long the golfing King of Spain, moves into the shadows, his heir apparent steps forward to take his place. Ole Jose.' Times

'It was Olazabal's less intense approach to the game which allowed him to hold back the American armada. Had it been the old Olly over those final, tense moments the title today would have been in the hands of Tom Lehman.' Express

'On Saturday Olazabal watched Star Trek: the Next Generation. That was fiction, of course, but the fact is that a member of the new European generation has at last stepped up alongside Faldo & Co.' Mirror

'He absorbed a note left in his locker by fellow Spaniard Severiano Ballesteros before the start of the final round. His Ryder Cup partner, twice a Masters champion but not now a challenger, simply wrote 'go out there and be patient'.' Guardian

'Good golly] our Ollie is the Master.' Sun