What the papers said about ...Peter Shilton

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"The former England goalkeeper has been cast into soccer limbo by a rare board decision - the Football League `could not recall' a precedent - after the saga descended through an afternoon of drama into muddle and a morass of legal complication."


"Peter Shilton may never get work with another club after his money troubles at Plymouth Argyle."


"It was awful, humiliating and painful. When he left Plymouth's Home Park ground, Shilton had just discovered that time, even for legends, does eventually run out... As 1995 begins to take shape, Shilton is deeply, shamefully in the mire, so that the manwho loves to gamble may be about to lose the biggest punt of his life." Star

"A love of gambling turned Peter Shilton into the goalkeeper who could save almost anything but money." Mirror

"He wants to be remembered for sublime goalkeeping feats and heroic resistance in an England jersey, but the biggest and most difficult save of his life comes now as he seeks to hold on to the remnants of his reputation."


"Bit by bit, he has been stripped of all the rewards his talent earned him." Express

"For Shilton there hasn't been much ho, ho, ho this festive period. More a tale of woe at the Hoe." Mail

"To many of those who had worked with him he never seemed top management material. Not just because goalkeepers traditionally do not make good managers but because Shilton's guarded, introvert personality made it difficult for him to pass his experience on to others." Telegraph