What the papers said about. . .Ray Illingworth

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'First our soccer expert Jimmy Armfield was poached by the FA. Now our cricket analyst Ray Illingworth is nabbed by the TCCB.' Express

'Illy, a throwback to the days when England were a major power, has swept away the old school tie to land the pounds 65,000-a-year job. The tough Tyke flew in to London from his winter retreat in Malaga after beating current tour manager Mike Smith in a straight vote between two men whose lifestyle is as different as chalk and cheese.' Mirror

'Suntanned and wearing an open- necked shirt - almost unheard of at such cricketing ceremonial occasions - he spelled out his plans to restore England's battered reputation.' Mail

'There seems little need for future team managers. If Keith Fletcher's lugs were burnin' out in the West Indies yesterday, it were nowt to do wi't Caribbean sun.' Sun

'When boats have to be rocked, he will rock them - to Fletcher's discomfort, if need be . . . Predictably and erroneously, the contest had

been represented as 'blunt Yorkshireman' against 'Oxbridge man', which does neither party much

service.' Times

'As Ted Dexter might have put it, the planetary aspects turned out to be in Ray Illingworth's favour . . . Popular opinion has never had it so good: El Tel as England's football manager, now Illy taking charge of the cricket. Expect the Queen

Mother to be named as the new leader of the Conservative Party.' Guardian

'Illingworth possessed a remarkable memory for batsmen's weaknesses and could probably talk each of his 2,000-odd victims through the circumstances of his dismissal.' Telegraph

'Illy's Ray of hope . . . he can Tyke us back to top.' Star

'My plan to build it all round Hick . . . I believe Graeme Hick could be vital to the immediate future of English cricket. I have always thought he has the talent to be a Test-class offspinner, as well as a top-flight batsman.' Illingworth, writing exclusively in the Express