What the papers said about . . . Rob Andrew

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"Drop of the hard stuff . . . Cecil B DeMille thought he had done it all with the Greatest Story Ever Told. If Rob Andrew's agent had come up with the Greatest Kick Ever Seen, the old Hollywood mogul would have thrown the script out of the window." Sun

"Australia, you've been Robbed." Mail

"The ball thumped into Andrew's cricketer hands and back went the right foot, some 40 metres from goal and two minutes and 36 seconds into time added on. The rest is history." Telegraph

"What was magical about Andrew's goal was that, in an instant of graceful, almost isolated touch, it resolved more than 80 minutes of Herculean toil, sweat, anxiety and fluctuation. From a ploughed field of human endeavour, Andrew unearthed a piece of gold." Times

"It was only a kick so how could it mean so much? How could it change everything as it soared through the balmy air of the Cape so easily, so naturally, and still make moist the eyes of grown men. Because in all of sport there are only so many moments which you know will never die. The list is not so long: a Piggott finish, a one-two from Ali, an authentic flash of Pele. Now add the kick. Rob Andrew's kick." Express

"Andrew took aim, and sent the ball sailing through the posts and on around the world." Guardian

"It was Andrew's 20th [drop kick] for England and his points record now stands at 358. So what? This was a team effort personified by an individual. It had been breathless and breathtaking. It was absolutely, fabulously, unforgettable." Independent

"Boot-iful timing." Today

"He arrived on his white horse - the hero of the hour, day, month, year and decade. St Rob the Avenger." Sun

"The chariot is on its roll again, fuelled by English bravery, brilliance and the breathtaking kick of Andrew. This sceptred island, this jewel set in a silver sea, this realm, this demi paradise . . . this England." Mirror