What the papers said about . . . Roy Keane

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"The words and pictures are no strangers to Manchester United. A foot is raised, an opponent is trapped under his studs and, as a consequence, more shame is heaped upon a club which once embodied dignity in adversity." Daily Mail

"After failing to set an example, Roy Keane and Darren Patterson are being made examples of." Daily Telegraph

"It would seem that when United get measured for their Wembley suits, Keane can take the day off." Independent

"The unpopularity of United - unpopularity shared by grown-ups and children - stems from the over- combative style with which they mix great beauty, joy and cavalier instincts with untenable behaviour, of disrespect for authority and harmful reaction to fellow professionals." Times

"If Keane is given a Cup medal it would be like pinning the VC on a deserter." Sun

"Nothing was more disgusting than the applause Keane received from United fans when he left the the field. So much for the lowering of temperature, the cooling of passion, a few days after the killing of a Palace fan." Daily Express

"No Cantona, no Cole and now, in all probability, no Keane: Manchester United's record-breaking 13th FA Cup final is already in danger of becoming Old Trafford's monument to a season of gathering anti-climax." Guardian

"Our game has had enough of your dirty Red Devils, Fergie." Star

"United's board, while counting their money, may care to pause and think at what cost it has been accumulated." Mirror

"They [the FA] must allow for the fact that pictures can deceive and that it was only a gesture with his foot, otherwise Southgate would never have got up again." Manchester Evening News