What the papers said about . . . tennis tantrums

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'Navratty-loser.' Sun

'It was more McEnroe than Martina, and a souvenir-hunting spectator has the evidence: one racket with a terminally dented frame. What a way to go.' Independent

'With a symbolic and unprecedented gesture, Navratilova consigned her singles career on clay to the rubbish heap.' Times

'She walked off the court with a furtive wave, knowing that this was not the way it was meant to be when she announced that 1994 would amount to one long goodbye.' Mail

'Agass-bag.' Star

'Andre Agassi produced his most brilliant instinctive tennis since winning Wimbledon two years ago against Thomas Muster at the French Open, but still paid an incalculable price for failing to curb his tongue.' Telegraph

'Agassi talks dirty as Muster cleans up.' Guardian

'Agassi's cursing act fails to pass Muster.' Express

'The first Wednesday at Roland Garros is traditionally set aside for children . . . Agassi's language, a foul echo of his outbursts in Rome a fortnight ago, cannot be condoned under any circumstances, let alone in front of young and impressionable spectators.' Times

'Agassi was forced to concede a penalty point after screaming 'Faggot' at no one in particular. Although he was certainly not referring to meatballs, a heated debate about the word's interpretation ended with umpire Rebeuh saying: 'We're going by the rules and next time you're off'. 'I never forget a face,' Agassi responded, not quite chillingly.' Mail

'Agassi appeared to suppress a further obscenity under the guise of a sneeze.' Today

'A-ghastly]' Sun