What the papers said .. about Terry Venables

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'No more doubts.' Daily Mail

'Sir Bert: It's Tel. 'If Terry goes to jail next week then he will not be appointed - but he is not going to jail'.' Daily Mirror

'While such serious matters remain unresolved, it is utterly predictable that his early days in the managership will be haunted by the Panorama dossier; that the Venables soccer story will be demoralisingly shadowed by the Venables business story.' The Guardian

'Let us not pretend that we know an instant solution, or that the fact the FA has pre-booked Wembley for some kind of announcement makes Venables their certain choice. The picture is as confused as an old man's mind. That, of course, is because the FA is being led by Sir Bert Millichip, who makes almost daily contradictions.' The Times

'Just like we Tel-d you. Two-year deal for manager Venables.' The Sun

'Venables would ensure the day of the long ball is over, that his teams pass the ball, that the best players are selected whatever their age. Just how much he'd be able to break through the politics, which have been the lifeblood of the FA's bureaucracy for too long, remains to be seen.' Today

'As the charges mounted against him, as old and insubstantiated attacks came in from so many quarters, Sir Bert and his men never forgot the old English principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty. In a dark time they have never served the game better.' Daily Express

'The planes are coming in, packed with European dignitaries, ahead of the European Championship draw. England are staging their first major international competition since 1966. The national team are still without a leader, and the FA stagger on, unreformed and unaccountable. England need a new FA more than a new manager.' The Daily Telegraph

'The European organisers are looking for all the publicity they can get, and would surely have welcomed a charismatic star attraction. The Americans, with Fifa's blessing, trotted out Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder and Willie Nelson at the World Cup draw last month. Venables would contribute more to a football occasion than that little lot - and probably sings better than a couple of them, too.' The Independent

'Venables the heir not yet apparent.' Daily Mail