What the papers said about . . . the Dublin riot

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"Sick scum." Sun

"I had never cried at a football match. But, like Jack Charlton, I did last night." Today

"The National Affront." Daily Tele-graph

"Those in the game who feel no great obligation to society, those for whom profit is a god, should study closely the pictures of last night's violence." Independent

"As the missiles flew down, as the children screamed and grown men shook their heads, the football clock was suddenly showing doomsday again." Daily Express

"We have no right to invite foreigners to come to watch football games in our country at the risk of foul abuse, serious injury and even the loss of their lives. There is almost no price too high to ensure a decent life for good people." Guardian

"Do not talk to me about being English today. I do not want to be English. I want to be a citizen of another country, any country. Tinpot African dictatorships, South Amer-ican juntas, tiny European republics where the President goes to work on a bicycle." Sun

"How much longer can we claim to have given the world `the beautiful game' and hold up our heads as a civilised nation?" Times

"Soccer savagery draped in a flag." Daily Mail

"Lepers of the world." Daily Mirror

"In England, the demon is still alive." L'Equipe

"Fortunately, there were neither deaths nor serious injuries, but the new wound inflicted on British football will have profound repercussions on the European Champion-ships, which England will host. The FA must face up to a grave responsibility: how was such a massive infiltration of hooligans into the official contingent of supporters possible?" La Gazzetta dello Sport

"Fax us your views on the scum." Sun