What the papers said about . . . the Irish

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'Packie Gonner.' Mirror

'Irish Phelan awful.' Today

'The dream has elapsed again, this time under a sombre grey sky that could just as easily have hung over County Meath. And Bonner's mistake was a cruel, ugly retreat to the days BC - Before Charlton - when the Irish were considered makeweights in international football and the vast green armada of supporters had not set sail.' Telegraph

'Dutch get it off Pat. Jack's a goner as Bonner blunders.' Sun

'Gorn on the 4th of July.' Star

'Time had run out for Ireland; it had slipped through Pat Bonner's hands. Don't ever let anyone tell the misty- eyed but magnificent Irish fans that big men don't cry.' Express

'Charlton was suddenly called from the room. In his absence a sympathetic but weary press corps waited on the final words. When he came back they were passing the time playing five-a- side in the empty banqueting hall. 'How can you be so frivolous at a time like this?' he asked. 'It's all right, Jack,' said the man from the Irish Daily Mirror. 'The Irish won.' ' Guardian

'If Charlton stays to keep them together, their potential remains as deep as those rivers he loves to fish. One or two players will have to be shed, but those who follow cannot help but be replenished by the volume of support the Irish generate.' Mail

'No cigar-chewing, butt-kicking Yank will remember the Fourth of July with more feeling than Charlton. Trouble is, the most independent spirit in the football world will have it playing for ever on his mind for all the wrong reasons . . . Big Jack, a 10-inch Havana jammed between his jaws, had every right to do his fruit in the Citrus Bowl. Even kick a butt or two. But he never would. The sod 'em all saviour of the Republic of Ireland won soccer's most famous prize himself in 1966.' Sun

'You'll nev-Eire walk alone.' Mirror